Agir ensemble pour l'innovation alimentaire


The coordination of the Education Pillar is done by Oniris, veterinary, food-processing national School (Nantes).

Some figures of the program

8 education establishments which associate complementary skills to train the future actors of the food processing industry :

  • Oniris
  • ESA
  • AgroCampus Ouest
  • University of Nantes
  • University of Angers
  • University of Maine
  • Audencia Business School
  • School of Design Nantes Atlantic Ocean

1200 students in program engineers

300 students in M2 (jurists, marketers, designers, scientists)

Objectives of the program …

  • Increase the employability of the students of the Loire campus by meeting the expectations of the agri-food sector
  • Make the existing trainings more visible and more attractive at the national and international level
  • Strengthen the recruitment of foreign students
  • Propose trainings différenciantes based on the synergies and the complementarity of the partner establishments
  • Develop an offer of all life long multidisciplinary trainings in adequacy with the needs for the sector


… and tools in the service of our ambitions

Over the period 2015-2020, the program will allow the development of the offer of regional training thanks to:

A dedicated website updated by the skills, the aimed jobs and the internships, in the Pays de la Loire trainings

An inventory of needs in trainings and in recruitment of the Pays de la Loire companies

The creation of new international and innovative trainings


Summer Schools

The main objective of the Training sector is to increase the attractiveness of the Pys de la Loire training pole on the national and international level. For that purpose, Summer Schools is going to be organized in domains identified by the areas of research of REI Food For Tomorrow / Cap Aliment.

Of a maximal duration of five days, Summer Schools has for objective to train students and executives on topics relative to the axes of the RFI. The educational innovation will be at the heart of every Summer School just like collaborations with the food-processing companies of the Pays de la Loire region around problems common to research and innovation. The interventions of foreign researchers will give the international outreach of the higher education and research institutions of Pays de la Loire region.

An interest call was thrown(launched) in January, 2017 and a candidacy) is in validation.


Higher education and research Chairs

Of a duration of two years, three higher education and research Chairs will take place within the framework of the REI Food For Tomorrow / Cap Aliment. Financed 50 % by European founds, they will allow the research units of the program to welcome internationally recognized scientist and to favor thus the international outreach of the Pays de la Loire agri-food cluster. Innovative research works will be led in connection with food companies. Chairs will also allow the implementation of specific trainings.


Find the training guide in Pays de la Loire by clicking the image below :


  • Agrobiotis

    L’annuaire national des partenaires et fournisseurs de l'agroalimentaire

  • Le guide des compétences

    Recensement exhaustif de la diversité des compétences ligériennes : laboratoires et équipes de recherche, plateformes régionales d’innovation, centres techniques…

  • Le calendrier des stages

    Pour identifier les disponibilités de vos futurs stagiaires.

  • Le Guide des formations

    Les formations liées à la filière alimentaire en Pays de la Loire

  • La Fusée

    Entreprises, propulsez vos idées grâce aux étudiants


  • Technocampus Alimentation

    Evolution de Cap Aliment et Technocampus Alimentation

    Modifié le 29 July 2021

  • foodfortomorrow_fr_fondviolet

    Journée scientifique en visioconférence

    Modifié le 25 November 2020

  • Formation Cap Aliment "Les protéines végétales"

    Formation Cap Aliment « Les protéines végétales » en visioconférence

    Modifié le 09 November 2020

  • DA Idipa

    Nouveau DA - Idipa - Innovation et Développement Industriel des Produits Alimentaires de l’ESA d’Angers.

    Modifié le 13 October 2020

  • Surveillance de l'environnement de production

    Webinaire : Surveillance de l’Environnement de Production dans les IAA, le 4 novembre

    Modifié le 13 October 2020


  • 03 Sep. 2020

    Webinaire Cap Aliment : Optimisez l’impact de vos aliments sur la santé des consommateurs - 1ère partie

  • 10 Sep. 2020

    Webinaire Cap Aliment : Optimisez l’impact de vos aliments sur la santé des consommateurs - 2ème partie

  • 29>01 Oct. 2020

    CFIA à Rennes

  • 04 Nov. 2020

    Commission R&D - Cap Aliment

  • 18>19 Nov. 2020

    Journées Aliments Santé à La Rochelle

5 bonnes raisons d’adhérer à Cap Aliment

    • Témoignage 2
    • Cap aliment est le lieu de rencontre indispensable de l’agroalimentaire régional complémentaire des actions d’un pôle de recherche de filière comme Tecaliman

      Fabrice PUTIER - Directeur/Managing Director de Tecaliman
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    • Témoignage 3
    • La connaissance mutuelle des acteurs industriels et académiques est un gage de réussite de leurs nouveaux partenariats et Cap Aliment y contribue.

      Jean-Luc Courthaudon - Professeur de Biochimie et sciences des aliments à l'Université d'Angers
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